Raul Alvarez
Chemical Computing Group

Sarah Sirin

Biologics by Design 2017

September 21, 2017  |   Cambridge, MA  |  Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT

We are pleased to announce our first Biologics by Design symposium. This is a 1-day meeting focusing on methods in early stage biologics design. Short hands-on computational biologics design workshops in the morning will be followed by scientific presentations in the afternoon. The afternoon program is organized by the BMI Discussion Group (Biologics, Modeling, and Informatics Discussion Group). The meeting will end with a social reception. Please note that space is limited so early registration is recommended.

September 21, 2017  
08:00-08:30Morning Coffee
Registration (check-in and badge pick-up)
08:30-10:00Analyzing Antibody-Antigen Complexes and Property Predictions
Opening, preparing & annotating protein complexes / Calculating protein properties & Patch Analyzer application / Analyzing protein contacts at Fab-antigen interface / Molecular surface & maps / Virtual mutagenesis with Protein Builder & Design
10:00-10:30Morning Break
10:30-12:00Antibody Homology Modeling and Structural Bioinformatics
Template & loop searching with Antibody Modeler / Building homology models of the Fv domain / Identifying & removing glycosylation sites / Antibody Database Project Search panel – Viewing antibody structure statistics / Building humanized Fab models
12:00-13:00Workshop Lunch
13:00-13:25Registration (check-in and badge pick-up)
13:25-13:30Opening Remarks
13:30-14:15Experimental and Computational Biophysics: Protein Interactions with a View to Biopharmaceutical Developability
Christopher Roberts, Professor, University of Delaware
14:15-14:45AbVance: increasing the coverage and variety of antibody structural space to enable faster and better decision-making in antibody drug discovery
Richard Norman, Consultant Project Manager, Pistoria Alliance
14:45-15:15In-silico prediction of concentration-dependent viscosity curves for monoclonal antibody solutions
Dheeraj Tomar, Postdoctoral Fellow, Pfizer
15:15-15:45Prediction of Protein-Protein Binding Sites and Epitope Mapping
Essam Metwally, Senior Scientist, Chemical Computing Group
15:45-16:15Afternoon Break
16:15-16:45Data matters: how do we take advantage of increasing amount of experimental data and computational power
Yifan Song, CSO and Co-Founder, Cyrus Biotechnology
16:45-17:15Multipole Moment based Coarse-Grained Model for Prediction of the Self-Association and Viscosity Behavior of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
Tom Patapoff, Scientist, Genentech
Benjamin Walters, Scientist, Genentech
17:15-18:00Developability for Biologics and Approaches to Formulation Design
Bernhardt Trout, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18:00-18:05Closing Remarks
18:05-19:00Social Reception

Biologics, Modeling, and Informatics (BMI) Discussion Group is an informal open forum that brings together scientists from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about modeling, data-science, and biologics. This organization serves as a forum to share ideas, goals, and expertise to enable open communication and collaboration among industry scientists, academicians, and software engineers. We strive to enable hypothesis driven biologics discovery and engineering using molecular modeling and informatics.

Core Team: Stanley Krystek (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Vanita Sood (EMD Serono), Sandeep Kumar (Pfizer), Randal Ketchem (Just Biotherapeutics), Sarah Sirin (AbbVie)

There is no cost to attend but pre-registration is required as seats are limited. Registrations will be processed and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT
20 Sidney Street
Cambridge, MA, 02139