CCG in Academia

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) has a 15+ year track record of consistent scientific innovation, high engineering standards and a strong commitment of supporting research and pedagogical programmes in academia. To date, MOE is a leading scientific software tool in over 600 academic institutions world-wide. MOE – A Multidisciplinary Research Aid MOE’s comprehensive integrated platform and available source code provide flexibility to a wide range of scientific researchers. MOE is an all-in-one molecular modeling and visualization tool that is easily integrated and customizable - users can add new functionality or make changes to existing algorithms in MOE.

Application Areas
MOE – A Multidisciplinary Teaching Aid Special licensing options for teaching, a user-friendly graphical user interface and the comprehensive nature of MOE have allowed MOE to be successfully integrated into the curriculum in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacology departments around the world.
  • Visualize, characterize and analyze protein-protein, protein-ligand interactions in 2D and 3D
  • Characterize protein properties and design new proteins in silico
  • Analyze and develop new structure-activity relationships (SAR) in small molecules
  • Demonstrate the value of High throughput screening (HTS) and docking
  • Design new small molecules using our advanced computer-aided molecular design (CAMD) applications
  • Demonstrate the synergy between information technology, chemistry and biology
  • Explain major concepts and experimental findings in the chemical sciences

Advantages of MOE in Academia Researchers and students can take advantage of MOE’s user-friendly, work-flow oriented applications while avoiding steep learning curves often associated with multiple modules from different vendors. Other advantages include:
  • An integrated all-in-one platform that allows for multi-disciplinary use
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux….)
  • Professional software at a discounted rate
  • Customizable, available source-code
  • Special teaching licenses

For a free trial and more information on CCG’s academic offering, please contact:

Academic Services Team
+1 (514) 393 1055

The CCG Research Excellence Awards in Computational Chemistry Also called CCG Excellence Awards, the CCG Research Excellence Awards in Computational Chemistry were established over 10 years ago through an agreement with the American Chemical Society’s Computational Division - ACS COMP. Since then, CCG has pledged over $250,000 towards these merit-based awards.

The COMP CCG Research Excellence Awards recognize and encourage exceptional research conducted by graduate students in the field of computational chemistry. Any graduate student who plans on attending an upcoming ACS meeting and uses computational chemistry in their research work is encouraged to apply!
The CCG Research Excellence Awards in Medicinal Chemistry

The CCG Research Excellence Awards in Medicinal Chemistry were created to recognize outstanding graduate student research, and encourage the use of computational tools in the field of Medicinal Chemistry. The awards, together with our partnership with the ACS MEDI Division also hope to stimulate graduate student participation in ACS MEDI Division activities (symposia and poster sessions) at ACS National Meetings. A total of four graduate student prizes each consisting of a travel grant and a one year license for the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) software program will be awarded every year.

Graduate students who plan on attending an upcoming ACS meeting and use computational chemistry in their research work are encouraged to apply.