MOE Workshop Series


May 27, 2018

Location: NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst
Langelaan 3, Noordwijkerhout, 2211XT, Netherlands
* Please note that attendance at this workshop requires registration at the 11th International Conference on Chemical Structures, with which it is co-located.


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15:00 to 17:00 Application of Matched Molecular Pairs to Interactive SAR Exploration

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 Application of Matched Molecular Pairs to Interactive SAR Exploration
Managing and analyzing structure activity/property relationship data in medicinal chemistry projects is becoming ever more challenging, with larger data sets and parallel development of different structural series. Tools and methods for the efficient visualization, analysis and profiling of structures therefore remain of deep interest. The workshop will start with a presentation about the use of interactive MMP analysis and R-group profiling to enhance typical medicinal chemistry workflows by interrogating the SAR data, thereby guiding a medicinal chemistry campaign in its development. The presentation will be followed by working through some real examples of the use of the new MOEsaic application, and some complementary capabilities in the MOE (Molecular Operating Environment) software system.

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Raul Alvarez
Senior Marketing Manager