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2017 to Date

in silico Study of Furocoumarins from Caryopteris odorata: Moderate Inhibitors of Butyryl Cholinesterase and Lipoxygenase
Abbasi, Muhammad Athar; Hussain, Ghulam; Aziz, Ur-Rehman; Siddiqui, Sabahat Zahra; Ahmad, Viqar Uddin
Asian Journal of Chemistry 29 (2017758-762
In silico prediction of toxicity of phenols to Tetrahymena pyriformis by using genetic algorithm and decision tree-based modeling approach
Abbasitabar, Fatemeh; Zare-Shahabadi, Vahid
Chemosphere 172 (2017249-259 doi
Benzodioxole–Pyrazole Hybrids as Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Agents with COX-1,2/5-LOX Inhibition and Antioxidant Potential
Abd El Razik, Heba A.; Badr, Mona H.; Atta, Attia H.; Mouneir, Samar M.; Abu-Serie, Marwa M.
Archiv der Pharmazie (20171700026-n/a doi
Synthesis, Molecular Docking, Anticancer Activity of some New Heterocyclic Compounds Containing the Pyrazolyl Moiety
Abd Elal, S.N.; Al-Dossary, A.O.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 4 (2017685-698
New 1,3,4-Oxadiazole/Oxime hybrids: Design, Synthesis, anti-inflammatory, COX inhibitory activities and Ulcerogenic liability
Abd-Ellah, Heba S.; Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed; Shoman, Mai E.; Beshr, Eman A. M.; Kaoud, TamerS; Ahmed, Al-Shaimaa F. F.
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
Inhibition of Urease Enzyme Production and some Other Virulence Factors Expression in Proteus mirabilis by N-Acetyl Cysteine and Dipropyl Disulphide
Abdel-Baky, Rehab Mahmoud; Ali, Mohamed Abdullah; Abuo-Rahma, Gamal El-Din Ali A.; AbdelAziz, Neveen
 (20171-15 doi
DNA interaction, antimicrobial, anticancer activities and molecular docking study of some new VO(II), Cr(III), Mn(II) and Ni(II) mononuclear chelates encompassing quaridentate imine ligand
Abdel-Rahman, Laila H.; Abu-Dief, Ahmed M.; Aboelez, Moustafa O.; Hassan Abdel-Mawgoud, Azza A.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology (2017doi
Design and Nonlinear Optical Properties (NLO) using DFT Approach of New Cr (III), VO(II), and Ni(II) Chelates Incorporating Tri-dentate Imine Ligand for DNA Interaction, Antimicrobial, Anticancer Activities and Molecular Docking Studies
Abdel-Rahman, Laila H.; Abu-Dief, Ahmed M.; Moustafa, H.; Hassan Abdel-Mawgoud, Azza A.
Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2017doi
Synthesis and biological evaluations of new nitric oxide -anti-inflammatory drug hybrids
Abdelall, Eman K. A.; Abdelhamid, Abdou O.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2017doi
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel benzothiazole/ benzoxazole and/ or benzimidazole derivatives incorporating a pyrazole scaffold as antiproliferative agents
Abdelgawad, Mohamed A.; Bakr, Rania B.; Omar, Hany A.
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
Pyrazole-hydrazone derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation, COX-1,2/5-LOX inhibition and docking study
Abdelgawad, Mohamed A.; Labib, Madlen B.; Abdel-Latif, Mahmoud
Bioorganic Chemistry 74 (2017212-220 doi
Synthesis and Biophysical Insights into the Binding of a Potent Anti-Proliferative Non-symmetric Bis-isatin Derivative with Bovine Serum Albumin: Spectroscopic and Molecular Docking Approaches
Abdelhameed, S. Ali; Bakheit, H. Ahmed; Mohamed, S. Mostafa; Eldehna, M. Wagdy; Abdel-Aziz, A. Hatem; Attia, I. Mohamed
Applied Sciences 7 (6) (2017doi
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new 4-(4-substituted-anilino)quinoline derivatives as anticancer agents
Abdellatif, Khaled R. A.; Abdelall, Eman K. A.; Abdelgawad, Mohamed A.; Amin, Dina M. E.; Omar, Hany A.
Medicinal Chemistry Research (20171-11 doi
Design, Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel indole
Abdellatif, Khaled R.A.; Elsaady, Mohammed T.; Amin, Noha H.; Hefny, Ahmed A.
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 7 (201769-77 doi
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel coumarin-based benzamides as potent histone deacetylase inhibitors and anticancer agents
Abdizadeh, Tooba; Kalani, Mohammad Reza; Abnous, Khalil; Tayarani-Najaran, Zahra; Khashyarmanesh, Bibi Zahra; Abdizadeh, Rahman; Ghodsi, Razieh; Hadizadeh, Farzin
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 132 (201742-62 doi
Computer Aided Drug Design for Multi-Target Drug Design: SAR /QSAR, Molecular Docking and Pharmacophore Methods
Abdolmaleki, Azizeh; B. Ghasemi, Jahan; Ghasemi, Fatemeh
Current Drug Targets 18 (5) (2017556-575
Design, synthesis, molecular docking and cytotoxic evaluation of novel 2-furybenzimidazoles as VEGFR-2 inhibitors
Abdullaziz, Mona A.; Abdel-Mohsen, Heba T.; El Kerdawy, Ahmed M.; Ragab, Fatma A. F.; Ali, Mamdouh M.; Abu-bakr, Sherifa M.; Girgis, Adel S.; El Diwani, Hoda I.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Novel Chalcone Sulphonamide Hybrids as Potent Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Inhibitors
Abida Ejaz, Syeda; Saeed, Aamer; Nasir Siddique, Muhammad; un Nisa, Zaib; Khan, Samiullah; Lecka, Joanna; Sévigny, Jean; Iqbal, Jamshed
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
"In vitro" evaluation of dihydropyridine-3-carbonitriles as potential cytotoxic agents through PIM-1 protein kinase inhibition
Abnous, Khalil; Manavi, Hesam; Mehri, Soghra; Alibolandi, Mona; Kamali, Hossein; Ghandadi, Morteza; Hadizadeh, Farzin
Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 12 (3) (2017196-203 doi
The Roles of the Active Site Zn(II) and Residues in Substrate Discrimination by Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase: An MD and QM/MM Investigation
Aboelnga, Mohamed M.; Gauld, James Wilson
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2017doi
The Enzymatic Post-Transfer Editing Mechanism of E. coli Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase (ThrRS): An MD and QM/MM Investigation
Aboelnga, Mohamed M.; Hayward, John J.; Gauld, James W.
ACS Catalysis (2017doi
A Water-Mediated and Substrate-Assisted Aminoacylation Mechanism in The Discriminating Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase GlnRS and Non-Discriminating GluRS
Aboelnga, Mohamed M.; Hayward, John James; Gauld, James W.
Phys Chem Chem Phys (2017doi
Molecular Docking and Pharmacophore Modeling Studies of Fluorinated Benzamides as Potential CETP Inhibitors
Abu Khalaf, Reema; Al-Rawashdeh, Sarah; Sabbah, Dima; Abu Sheikha, Ghassan
Medicinal Chemistry 13 (3) (2017239-253
Afifi, Tarek H.; Okasha, Rawda M.; Ahmed, Hany E.A.; Ilaš, Janez; Saleh, Tarek; Abd-El-Aziz, Alaa S.
EXCLI Journal 16 (2017868-902 doi
Isolation, crystal structure determination and cholinesterase inhibitory potential of isotalatizidine hydrate from Delphinium denudatum
Ahmad, Hanif; Ahmad, Shujaat; Khan, Ezzat; Shahzad, Adnan; Ali, Mumtaz; Tahir, Muhammad Nawaz; Shaheen, Farzana; Ahmad, Manzoor
Pharmaceutical Biology 55 (1) (2017680-686 doi
Antioxidant and anticholinesterase potential of diterpenoid alkaloids from Aconitum heterophyllum
Ahmad, Hanif; Ahmad, Shujaat; Shah, Syed Adnan Ali; latif, Abdul; Ali, Mumtaz; Khan, Farman Ali; Tahir, Muhammad Nawaz; Shaheen, Farzana; Wadood, Abdul; Ahmad, Manzoor
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Design & Synthesis of a Novel Oxazolone & Imidazolone
Ismail, Ahmed Ismail Ali
 PhD Thesis, Cairo University (2017)
Medicinal plant phytochemicals and their inhibitory activities against pancreatic lipase: molecular docking combined with molecular dynamics simulation approach
Ahmed, Bilal; Ali Ashfaq, Usman; Usman Mirza, Muhammad
Natural Product Research (20171-7 doi
Ahmed, Farheen (Stevenage, GB), Bartholomew, Michelle Anne (Stevenage, GB), Chung, Chun-wa (Stevenage, GB), Della Cristina, Pietro (Stevenage, GB), Dimech, Caroline J. (Stevenage, GB), Morley, Peter Joseph (Stevenage, GB), Shah, Rachana Shailesh (Stevenage, GB)
1,2,4-Triazolo-[1,5-a]pyridine HIF Prolylhydroxylase Domain-1 (PHD-1) Inhibitors With a Novel Monodentate Binding Interaction
Ahmed, Saleh; Ayscough, Andrew; Barker, Greg R.; Canning, Hannah E.; Davenport, Richard; Downham, Robert; Harrison, David; Jenkins, Kerry; Kinsella, Natasha; Livermore, David G.; Wright, Susanne; Ivetac, Anthony David; Skene, Robert; Wilkens, Steven J.; Webster, Natalie A.; Hendrick, Alan G.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Synthesis, anti-lung cancer activity and molecular docking study of 3-methylene-2-oxoindoline-5-carboxamide derivatives
Ai, Juntao; Lv, Meng; Li, Xiaohui; Chen, Zhuo; Hu, Gaoyun; Li, Qianbin
Medicinal Chemistry Research (2017doi
Structure-activity relationship (SAR) study and design strategies of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic moieties for their anticancer activities
Akhtar, Jawaid; Khan, Ahsan Ahmed; Ali, Zulphikar; Haider, Rafi; Shahar Yar, M.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 125 (2017143-189 doi
The function of a novel anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor with human variable regions is affected by choice of hinge and transmembrane domains
Alabanza, Leah; Pegues, Melissa; Geldres, Claudia; Shi, Victoria; Wiltzius, Jed J. W.; Sievers, Stuart A.; Yang, Shicheng; Kochenderfer, James N.
Molecular Therapy (2017doi
A High Temperature Kinetic Study for the Thermal Unimolecular Decomposition of Diethyl Carbonate
AlAbbad, Mohammad; Raj Giri, Binod; Szőri, Milan; Viskolcz, Béla; Farooq, Aamir
Chemical Physics Letters (2017doi
Exploring the interaction forces involved in the binding of the multiple myeloma drug lenalidomide to bovine serum albumin
Alanazi, Amer M.; Abdelhameed, Ali S.; Bakheit, Ahmed H.; Darwish, Ibrahim A.
Journal of Molecular Liquids 238 (20173-10 doi
A Homozygous Potentially Pathogenic Variant in the PAXBP1 Gene in a Large Family with Global Developmental Delay and Myopathic Hypotonia
Alharby, Essa; Albalawi, Alia M.; Nasir, Abdul; Alhijji, Sabri A.; Mahmood, Amer; Ramzan, Khushnooda; Abdusamad, Firoz; Aljohani, Abdulkarim; Abdelsalam, Osama; Eldardear, Amr; Basit, Sulman
Clinical Genetics (2017n/a-n/a doi
Synthesis, Characterization and In-Silico ADMET Screening of Mono- and Dicarbmethoxylated
Ali, Akbar; El Badawy, Mohamed; Shah, Raza; Rehman, Wajid; El kilany, Yeldez; El Ashry, El Sayed H; Tahir, Nawaz
Der Chemica Sinica 8 (4) (2017446-460
Hydrazinyl arylthiazole based pyridine scaffolds: Synthesis, structural characterization, in vitro α-glucosidase inhibitory activity, and in silico studies
Ali, Farman; Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Salar, Uzma; Taha, Muhammad; Ismail, Nor Hadiani; Wadood, Abdul; Riaz, Muhammad; Perveen, Shahnaz
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 138 (2017255-272 doi
Imidazoles as potential anticancer agents
Ali, Imran; Lone, Mohammad Nadeem; Aboul-Enein, Haasan Y.
MedChemComm (2017doi
Customizable de novo design strategies for DOCK: Application to HIVgp41 and other therapeutic targets
Allen, William J.; Fochtman, Brian C.; Balius, Trent E.; Rizzo, Robert C.
Journal of Computational Chemistry (2017doi
An Unusual Dimeric Inhibitor of Acetylcholinesterase: Cooperative Binding of Crystal Violet
Allgardsson, Anders; David Andersson, C.; Akfur, Christine; Worek, Franz; Linusson, Anna; Ekström, Fredrik
Molecules 22 (9) (2017doi
Improved algorithms for symmetry analysis: structure preserving permutations
Alon, Gil; Tuvi-Arad, Inbal
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry (2017doi
Mannich-Benzimidazole Derivatives as Antioxidant and Anticholinesterase Inhibitors: Synthesis, Biological Evaluations, and Molecular Docking Study
Alpan, Ayşe Selcen; Sarıkaya, Görkem; Çoban, Güneş; Parlar, Sülünay; Armagan, Güliz; Alptüzün, Vildan
Archiv der Pharmazie (2017e1600351-n/a doi
Discovery of Benzo[g]quinazolin benzenesulfonamide derivatives as dual EGFR/HER2 inhibitors
Alsaid, Mansour S.; Al-Mishari, Abdullah A.; Soliman, Aiten M.; Ragab, Fatma A.; Ghorab, Mostafa M.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
New chalcones bearing isatin scaffold: synthesis, molecular modeling and biological evaluation as anticancer agents
Ammar, Yousry A.; Fayed, Eman A.; Bayoumi, Ashraf H.; Ezz, Rogy R.; Alsaid, Mansour S.; Soliman, Aiten M.; Ghorab, Mostafa M.
Research on Chemical Intermediates (2017doi
Exploration of thioxothiazolidinone–sulfonate conjugates as a new class of aldehyde/aldose reductase inhibitors: A synthetic and computational investigation
Andleeb, Hina; Tehseen, Yildiz; Jabeen, Farrukh; Khan, Imtiaz; Iqbal, Jamshed; Hameed, Shahid
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
Synthesis, antimycobacterial activity and docking study of 2-aroyl-[1]benzopyrano[4,3-c]pyrazol-4(1H)-one derivatives and related hydrazide-hydrazones
Angelova, Violina T.; Valcheva, Violeta; Pencheva, Tania; Voynikov, Yulian; Vassilev, Nikolay; Mihaylova, Rositsa; Momekov, Georgi; Shivachev, Boris
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2017doi
In vitro and in silico evaluation of chromene based aroyl hydrazones as anticonvulsant agents
Angelova, Violina T.; Voynikov, Yulian; Andreeva-Gateva, Pavlina; Surcheva, Slavina; Vassilev, Nikolay; Pencheva, Tania; Tchekalarova, Jana
Medicinal Chemistry Research (20171-13 doi
Novel drug targets for Mycobacterium tuberculosis: 2-heterostyrylbenzimidazoles as inhibitors of cell wall protein synthesis
Anguru, Mohana Rao; Taduri, Ashok Kumar; Bhoomireddy, Rama Devi; Jojula, Malathi; Gunda, Shravan Kumar
Chemistry Central Journal 11 (1) (201768 doi
Heat shock protein 90 and serine/threonine kinase B-Raf inhibitors have overlapping chemical space
Anighoro, A.; Pinzi, L.; Marverti, G.; Bajorath, J.; Rastelli, G.
RSC Advances 7 (49) (201731069-31074 doi
Compound Ranking Based on Fuzzy Three-Dimensional Similarity Improves the Performance of Docking into Homology Models of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
Anighoro, Andrew; Bajorath, Jürgen
ACS Omega 2 (6) (20172583-2592 doi
Compound heterozygous KCNQ1 mutations (A300T/P535T) in a child with sudden unexplained death: Insights into possible molecular mechanisms based on protein modeling
Antúnez-Argüelles, Erika; Rojo-Domínguez, Arturo; Arregui-Mena, Ana Leticia; Jacobo-Albavera, Leonor; Márquez, Manlio Fabio; Iturralde-Torres, Pedro; Villarreal-Molina, María Teresa
Gene 627 (201740-48 doi
Appella, Daniel H. (Rockville, MD, US), Dix, Andrew V. (Eugene, OR, US), Englund, Ethan (Germantown, MD, US), Rosenker, Kara George (Rockville, MD, US)
Structural basis for non-genuine phenolic acceptor substrate specificity of Streptomyces roseochromogenes prenyltransferase CloQ from the ABBA/PT-barrel superfamily
Araya-Cloutier, Carla; Martens, Bianca; Schaftenaar, Gijs; Leipoldt, Franziska; Gruppen, Harry; Vincken, Jean-Paul
PLOS ONE 12 (3) (2017e0174665 doi
A new class of potential antidiabetic acetohydrazides: Synthesis, in vivo antidiabetic activity and molecular docking studies
Arif, Mubeen; Jabeen, Furukh; Saeed, Aamer; Qureshi, Irfan Zia; Mushtaq, Nadia
Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology; Vol 12, No 3 (2017) (2017)
Integrin Antagonists
Arnaout, Amin M. (Chestnut Hill, MA, US)
Spectroscopic, molecular docking and structural activity studies of (E)-N′-(substituted benzylidene/methylene) isonicotinohydrazide derivatives for DNA binding and their biological screening
Arshad, Nasima; Perveen, Fouzia; Saeed, Aamer; Channar, Pervaiz Ali; Farooqi, Shahid Iqbal; Larik, Fayaz Ali; Ismail, Hammad; Mirza, Bushra
Journal of Molecular Structure 1139 (2017371-380 doi
Synthesis, characterization of amide substituted dexibuprofen derivatives and their spectral, voltammetric and docking investigations for DNA binding interactions
Arshad, Nasima; Zafran, Muhammad; Ashraf, Zaman; Perveen, Fouzia
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology (2017doi
5-Bromo-2-Aryl benzimidazole Derivatives as Non-Cytotoxic Potential Dual Inhibitors of α-Glucosidase and Urease Enzymes
Arshad, Tanzila; Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Rasool, Najma; Salar, Uzma; Hussain, Shafqat; Asghar, Humna; Ashraf, Mohammed; Wadood, Abdul; Riaz, Muhammad; Perveen, Shahnaz; Taha, Muhammad; Ismail, Nor Hadiani
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
Arsianti, Ade Arsianti; Astuty, Hendri; Fadilah, Fadilah; Bahtiar, Anton; Tanimoto, Hiroki; Kakiuchi, Kiyomi
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 10 (2) (2017330-334 doi
In Silico Study of Gallic Acid Derivatives as Novel Antiviral
Arsianti, Ade; Fadilah; Bahtiar, Anton; Dwira, Surya; Apriyanto, Dadan Ramadhan; Paramita, Rafika Indah
International Journal of ChemTech Research 10 (2017111-117
High-Performance Prediction of Human Estrogen Receptor Agonists Based on Chemical Structures
Asako, Yuki; Uesawa, Yoshihiro
Molecules 22 (4) (2017doi
MD simulation of the Tat/Cyclin T1/CDK9 complex revealing the hidden catalytic cavity within the CDK9 molecule upon Tat binding
Asamitsu, Kaori; Hirokawa, Takatsugu; Okamoto, Takashi
PLOS ONE 12 (2) (2017e0171727 doi
Synthesis, structure, computational and in-silico anticancer studies of N,N-diethyl-N′-palmitoylthiourea
Asegbeloyin, Jonnie Niyi; Oyeka, Ebube Evaristus; Okpareke, Obinna; Ibezim, Akachukwu
Journal of Molecular Structure (2017doi
Novel pyrrolocycloalkylpyrazole analogues as CB1 ligands
Asproni, Battistina; Manca, Ilaria; Pinna, Giansalvo; Cichero, Elena; Fossa, Paola; Murineddu, Gabriele; Lazzari, Paolo; Loriga, Giovanni; Pinna, Gérard A.
Chemical Biology & Drug Design (2017n/a-n/a doi
Nature is the best source of anti-inflammatory drugs: indexing natural products for their anti-inflammatory bioactivity
Aswad, Miran; Rayan, Mahmoud; Abu-Lafi, Saleh; Falah, Mizied; Raiyn, Jamal; Abdallah, Ziyad; Rayan, Anwar
Inflammation Research (2017doi
A Simple Method for the Reliable Prediction of Char Yield of Polymers
Atabaki, Fariborz; Keshavarz, Mohammad Hossein; Noorollahy Bastam, Naser
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (2017n/a-n/a doi
Structural investigation, molecular structure and molecular docking of solifenacin succinate, flavoxate hydrochloride and tolterodine tartrate anti-cholinergic drugs
Attia, Ali K.; Mohamed, Gehad G.; Ahmed, Heba E.
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (2017doi
Identification of Novel Class of Triazolo-Thiadiazoles as Potent Inhibitors of Human Heparanase and their Anticancer Activity
Baburajeev, C. P.; Mohan, Chakrabhavi Dhananjaya; Rangappa, Shobith; Mason, Daniel J.; Fuchs, Julian E.; Bender, Andreas; Barash, Uri; Vlodavsky, Israel; Basappa; Rangappa, Kanchugarakoppal S.
BMC Cancer 17 (1) (2017235 doi
Ag-protein plasmonic architectures for surface plasmon-coupled emission enhancements and Fabry-Perot mode-coupled directional fluorescence emission
Badiya, Pradeep Kumar; Patnaik, Sai Gourang; Srinivasan, Venkatesh; Reddy, Narendra; Manohar, Chelli Sai; Vedarajan, Raman; Mastumi, Noriyoshi; Belliraj, Siva Kumar; Ramamurthy, Sai Sathish
Chemical Physics Letters 685 (2017139-145 doi
Phytochemical Analysis of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark and
Badrinarayanan, Varalakshmi; Vijaya, Anand; Thirunethiran, Karpagam; Angappan, Shanmugapriya; Sundararaj, Gomathi; Jaganathan, Sugunabai; Vasudevan, Suganya; Sethuraj, Geetha; Sethuraman, Sathianachiyar
Free Radicals and Antioxidants 7 (2017195-199 doi
GalaxyDock BP2 score: a hybrid scoring function for accurate protein–ligand docking
Baek, Minkyung; Shin, Woong-Hee; Chung, Hwan Won; Seok, Chaok
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (20171-14 doi
Synthesis, in vitro β-glucuronidase inhibitory potential and molecular docking studies of quinolines
Bano, Bilquees; Arshia; Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Kanwal; Fatima, Bibi; Taha, Muhammad; Ismail, Nor Hadiani; Wadood, Abdul; MehreenGhufran; Perveen, Shahnaz
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Monoalkylated barbiturate derivatives: X-ray crystal structure, theoretical studies, and biological activities
Barakat, Assem; Al-Majid, Abdullah Mohammed; Soliman, Saied M.; Islam, Mohammad Shahidul; Ghawas, Hussain Mansur; Yousuf, Sammer; Choudhary, M. Iqbal; Wadood, Abdul
Journal of Molecular Structure (2017doi
Synthesis of thiobarbituric acid derivatives: In vitro α-glucosidase inhibition and molecular docking studies
Barakat, Assem; Ali, M.; Mohammed Al-Majid, Abdullah; Yousuf, Sammer; Iqbal Choudhary, M.; Khalil, Ruqaiya; Ul-Haq, Zaheer
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
Machine learning for predicting lifespan-extending chemical compounds
Barardo, Diogo G.; Newby, Danielle; Thornton, Daniel; Ghafourian, Taravat; Pedro de Magalhães, João; Freitas, Alex A.
Aging (2017doi
Recent Advances and Applications of Molecular Docking to G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Bartuzi, Damian; Kaczor, A. Agnieszka; Targowska-Duda, M. Katarzyna; Matosiuk, Dariusz
Molecules 22 (2) (2017doi
Plant organellar DNA polymerases are replicative and translesion DNA synthesis polymerases
Baruch-Torres, Noe; Brieba, Luis G
Nucleic Acids Research (2017doi
Energy landscape of a GSTP1 polymorph linked with cytological function decay in response to chemical stressors
Basharat, Zarrin; Yasmin, Azra
Gene 609 (201719-27 doi
Rational design and synthesis of novel phenylsulfonyl-benzamides as anti-prostate cancer agents
Bassetto, Marcella; Ferla, Salvatore; Giancotti, Gilda; Pertusati, Fabrizio; Westwell, Andrew D.; Brancale, Andrea; McGuigan, Christopher
MedChemComm (2017doi
Shape-based virtual screening, synthesis and evaluation of novel pyrrolone derivatives as antiviral agents against HCV
Bassetto, Marcella; Leyssen, Pieter; Neyts, Johan; Yerukhimovich, Mark M.; Frick, David N.; Brancale, Andrea
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2017doi
In silico identification, design and synthesis of novel piperazine-based antiviral agents targeting the hepatitis C virus helicase
Bassetto, Marcella; Leyssen, Pieter; Neyts, Johan; Yerukhimovich, Mark M.; Frick, David N.; Courtney-Smith, Matthew; Brancale, Andrea
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 125 (20171115-1131
Molecular Modeling and Biological Activities of New Potent Antimicrobial, AntiInflammatory
Bassyouni, Fatma; El Hefnawi, Mahmoud; El Rashed, Ahmed; Rehim, Mohamed Abdel
Drug Designing: Open Access 6 (2017148 doi
Design and synthesis of novel xanthine derivatives as potent and selective A2B adenosine receptor antagonists for the treatment of chronic inflammatory airway diseases
Basu, Sujay; Barawkar, Dinesh A.; Ramdas, Vidya; Patel, Meena; Waman, Yogesh; Panmand, Anil; Kumar, Santosh; Thorat, Sachin; Naykodi, Minakshi; Goswami, Arnab; Reddy, B. Srinivasa; Prasad, Vandna; Chaturvedi, Sandhya; Quraishi, Azfar; Menon, Suraj; Paliwal, Shalini; Kulkarni, Abhay; Karande, Vikas; Ghosh, Indraneel; Mustafa, Syed; De, Siddhartha; Jain, Vaibhav; Banerjee, Ena Ray; Rouduri, Sreekanth R.; Palle, Venkata P.; Chugh, Anita; Mookhtiar, Kasim A.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 134 (2017218-229 doi
Osteoinductive effects of glyceollins on adult mesenchymal stromal/stem cells from adipose tissue and bone marrow
Bateman, Marjorie E.; Strong, Amy L.; Hunter, Ryan S.; Bratton, Melyssa R.; Komati, Rajesh; Sridhar, Jayalakshmi; Riley, Kevin E.; Wang, Guangdi; Hayes, Daniel J.; Boue, Stephen M.; Burow, Matthew E.; Bunnell, Bruce A.
Phytomedicine (2017doi
Structural insights into the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus 4a protein and its dsRNA binding mechanism
Batool, Maria; Shah, Masaud; Patra, Mahesh Chandra; Yesudhas, Dhanusha; Choi, Sangdun
Scientific Reports 7 (201711362 doi
New Coumarin Derivatives as Anti-Breast and Anti-Cervical Cancer Agents Targeting VEGFR-2 and p38α MAPK
Batran, Rasha Z.; Dawood, Dina H.; El-Seginy, Samia A.; Ali, Mamdouh M.; Maher, Timothy J.; Gugnani, Kuljeet S.; Rondon-Ortiz, Alejandro N.
Archiv der Pharmazie (2017doi
Virtual screening applications in short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase research
Beck, Katharina R.; Kaserer, Teresa; Schuster, Daniela; Odermatt, Alex
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2017doi
Vibrational spectroscopic analysis of cyanopyrazine-2-carboxamide derivatives and investigation of their reactive properties by DFT calculations and molecular dynamics simulations
Beegum, Shargina; Mary, Y. Sheena; Varghese, Hema Tresa; Panicker, C. Yohannan; Armaković, Stevan; Armaković, Sanja J.; Zitko, Jan; Dolezal, Martin; Van Alsenoy, C.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1131 (20171-15 doi
Synthesis, evaluation and modeling of some triazolothienopyrimidinones as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents
Bekhit, Adnan A; Farghaly; , Ahmed M; Shafik; , Ragab M; Elsemary; , Mona MA; El-Shoukrofy; , Mai S; Bekhit, Alaa El-Din A; Ibrahim, Tamer M
Future Medicinal Chemistry 9 (9) (2017881-897 doi
Discovery of novel dengue virus NS5 methyltransferase non-nucleoside inhibitors by fragment-based drug design
Benmansour, Fatiha; Trist, Iuni; Coutard, Bruno; Decroly, Etienne; Querat, Gilles; Brancale, Andrea; Barral, Karine
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 125 (2017865-880 doi
Identification and in silico structural analysis of Gallus gallus protein arginine methyltransferase 4 (PRMT4)
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A Sequence in the loop domain of hepatitis C virus E2 protein identified in silico as crucial for the selective binding to human CD81
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Synthesis, computational studies and enzyme inhibitory kinetics of substituted methyl[2-(4-dimethylamino-benzylidene)-hydrazono)-4-oxo-thiazolidin-5-ylidene]acetates as mushroom tyrosinase inhibitors
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MTLD, a Database of Multiple Target Ligands, the Updated Version
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Data Resources for the Computer-Guided Discovery of Bioactive Natural Products
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Structure and function of anhydride-modified forms of human insulin: In silico, in vitro and in vivo studies
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Role of the GM1 ganglioside oligosaccharide portion in the TrkA–dependent neurite sprouting in neuroblastoma cells
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Virtual High-Throughput Screening for Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors
Galea, Charles A.; Choi, Jun Yong; Fuerst, Rita
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Surface area, volume and shape descriptors as a novel tool for polymer lead design and discovery
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Xanthone and Flavone Derivatives as Dual Agents with Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition and Antioxidant Activity as Potential Anti-Alzheimer Agents
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A First-in-Class Small-Molecule that Acts as a Dual Inhibitor of HDAC and PDE5 and that Rescues Hippocampal Synaptic Impairment in Alzheimer/'s Disease Mice
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A calix[4]arene derivative and its selective interaction with drugs (clofibric acid, diclofenac and aspirin)
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A comparative analysis of translesion DNA synthesis catalyzed by a high fidelity DNA polymerase
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The mechanism of aquaporin inhibition by gold compounds elucidated by biophysical and computational methods
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N-hydroxy substituted 2-aryl acetamide analogues: a novel class of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors
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Comparison of the Human A2A Adenosine Receptor Recognition by Adenosine and Inosine: New Insights from Supervised Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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Tuning the local solvent composition at a drug carrier surface: Effect of dimethyl sulfoxide/water mixture on the photofunctional properties of hypericin-[small beta]-lactoglobulin
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Revisiting the Quinoxalinedione Scaffold in the Construction of New Ligands for the Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors
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Six scalemic mixtures of 6-monosubstituted dihydrobenzophenanthridine alkaloids from Chelidonium majus and optically active structures of enantiomers
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Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Activity Relationships of Pyrimido[4,5-b]indole-4-amines as Microtubule Depolymerizing Agents that are Effective against Multidrug Resistant Cells
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Computational Insights into Enzymatic Ring
DeWolfe, Travis Michael
 PhD Thesis, University of Windsor (2017)
Therapeutic implication of ‘Iturin A’ for targeting MD-2/TLR4 complex to overcome angiogenesis and invasion
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Deconstruction – reconstruction approach to analyze the essential structural elements of tetrahydro-3-benzazepine-based antagonists of GluN2B subunit containing NMDA receptors
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β-CD/CuI catalyzed regioselective synthesis of iodo substituted 1,2,3-triazoles, imidazo[1,2-a]-pyridines and benzoimidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles in water and their functionalization
Dheer, Divya; Rawal, Ravindra K.; Singh, Virender; Sangwan, P. L.; Das, Parthasarathi; Shankar, Ravi
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Dosimetry assessment of DNA damage by Auger-emitting radionuclides: experimental and Monte Carlo studies
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3D-QSAR (CoMFA, CoMSIA), molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations study of 6-aryl-5-cyano-pyrimidine derivatives to explore the structure requirements of LSD1 inhibitors
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ADME/Tox Properties and Biochemical Interactions of Silybin
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High-throughput automated preparation and simulation of membrane proteins with HTMD
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A Pseudo-Hypervalent Sulfur Intermediate As An Oxidative Protective Mechanism In The Archaea Peroxiredoxin Enzyme ApTPx
Dokainish, Hisham M.; Simard, Daniel J.; Gauld, James W.
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Biochemical and structural investigations on phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase from Mycobacterium smegmatis
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3-Phenyl-7-Hydroxy-Isocoumarins as Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Inhibitors
Donnelly, Seamas (Mount Merrion, IE), Lloyd, David (Adelaide, AU), O'reilly, Ciaran (Dublin, 10, IE), Fayne, Darren (Dublin, 1, IE)
New Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of Aldose Reductase: A QM/MM Study
Dréanic, Marie-Pierre; Edge, Colin M.; Tuttle, Tell
ACS Omega 2 (9) (20175737-5747 doi
Metal ions and phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate as interacting effectors of α-type plant phospholipase D
Dreßler, Lars; Michel, Florian; Thondorf, Iris; Mansfeld, Johanna; Golbik, Ralph; Ulbrich-Hofmann, Renate
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Discovery of resveratrol derivatives as novel LSD1 inhibitors: Design, synthesis and their biological evaluation
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Design and synthesis of tranylcypromine derivatives as novel LSD1/HDACs dual inhibitors for cancer treatment
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Steviol, an aglycone of steviol glycoside sweeteners, interacts with the pregnane X (PXR) and aryl hydrocarbon (AHR) receptors in detoxification regulation
Dusek, Jan; Carazo, Alejandro; Trejtnar, Frantisek; Hyrsova, Lucie; Holas, Ondřej; Smutny, Tomas; Micuda, Stanislav; Pavek, Petr
Food and Chemical Toxicology (2017doi
In silico design of fragment-based drug targeting host processing α-glucosidase i for dengue fever
Tambunan, E. P. Toepak & U S F
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 172 (1) (2017012017 doi
Substrate-specific screening for mutational hotspots using biased molecular dynamics simulations
Ebert, Maximilian C. C. J. C.; Guzman Espinola, Joaquin; Lamoureux, Guillaume; Pelletier, Joelle N.
ACS Catalysis (2017doi
Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculations and molecular docking studies of metal (II) complexes
Ekennia, Anthony C.; Osowole, Aderoju A.; Olasunkanmi, Lukman O.; Onwudiwe, Damian C.; Olubiyi, Olujide O.; Ebenso, Eno E.
Journal of Molecular Structure (2017doi
3D-QSAR Pharmacophore-based Ligand Alignment, Virtual Screening and
El Ashry, El Sayed H; Badawy, Mohamed E I; El-kilany, Yeldez; Nahas, Nariman M; Al-Ghamdi, Mariam A
Der Chemica Sinica 8   (4) (2017421-435
Exploring inhibitor structural features required to engage the 216-loop of human parainfluenza virus type-3 hemagglutinin-neuraminidase
El-Deeb, Ibrahim M.; Guillon, Patrice; Dirr, Larissa; von Itzstein, Mark
MedChemComm (2017doi
Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling Study of new (1,2,4-Triazole or 1,3,4-Thiadiazole)-methylthio- Derivatives of Quinazolin-4(3H)-one as DHFR Inhibitors
El-Gazzar, Yomna I.; Georgey, Hanan H.; El-Messery, Shahenda M.; Ewida, Heba A.; Hassan, Ghada S.; Raafat, Marwa M.; Ewida, Menna A.; El-Subbagh, Hussein I.
Bioorganic Chemistry (2017doi
New benzothiophene derivatives as dual COX-1/2 and 5-LOX inhibitors: synthesis, biological evaluation and docking study
El-Miligy, Mostafa M. M.; Hazzaa, Aly A.; El-Messmary, Hanan; Nassra, Rasha A.; El-Hawash, Soad A. M.
Future Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
New hybrid molecules combining benzothiophene or benzofuran with rhodanine as dual COX-1/2 and 5-LOX inhibitors: Synthesis, biological evaluation and docking study
El-Miligy, Mostafa M. M.; Hazzaa, Aly A.; El-Messmary, Hanan; Nassra, Rasha A.; El-Hawash, Soad A. M.
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Synthesis and molecular docking of novel non-cytotoxic antiangiogenic
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Synthesis, Docking Studies and Anticancer Activity of New
El-Sayed, Wael A.; Mohamed, Ashraf M.; Khalaf, Hemat S.; El-Kady, Dina S.; Al-Manawaty, May
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Thiadiazolodiazepine analogues as a new class of neuromuscular blocking agents: Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling study
El-Subbagh, Hussein I.; El-Azab, Adel S.; Hassan, Ghada S.; El-Messery, Shahenda M.; Abdel-Aziz, Alaa A. M.; El-Taher, Kamal E. H.
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Exploring the binding sites of Staphylococcus aureus phenylalanine tRNA synthetase: a homology model approach
Elbaramawi, Samar S.; Ibrahim, Samy M.; Lashine, El-Sayed M.; El-Sadek, Mohamed E.; Mantzourani, Efi; Simons, Claire
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Development of Selective Clk1 and -4 Inhibitors for Cellular Depletion of Cancer-Relevant Proteins
ElHady, Ahmed K.; Abdel-Halim, Mohammad; Abadi, Ashraf H.; Engel, Matthias
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Design and Synthesis of Pyridazine Containing Compounds with Promising Anticancer Activity
Elmeligie, Salwa; Ahmed, Eman Mohamed; Abuel-Maaty, Suzan Mohamed; Zaitone, Sawsan Abo-Bakr; Mikhail, Demiana Samir
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Design and synthesis of some new 2,3′-bipyridine-5-carbonitriles as potential anti-inflammatory/antimicrobial agents
Elzahhar, Perihan A; Elkazaz, Salwa; Soliman, Raafat; El-Tombary, Alaa A; Shaltout, Hossam A; El-Ashmawy, Ibrahim M; Abdel Wahab, Abeer E; El-Hawash, Soad A
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Interference of Paraben Compounds with Estrogen Metabolism by Inhibition of 17β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases
Engeli, T. Roger; Rohrer, R. Simona; Vuorinen, Anna; Herdlinger, Sonja; Kaserer, Teresa; Leugger, Susanne; Schuster, Daniela; Odermatt, Alex
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Molecular basis of human CD22 function and therapeutic targeting
Ereño-Orbea, June; Sicard, Taylor; Cui, Hong; Mazhab-Jafari, Mohammad T.; Benlekbir, Samir; Guarné, Alba; Rubinstein, John L.; Julien, Jean-Philippe
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Chimeric hemagglutinin constructs induce broad protection against influenza B virus challenge in the mouse model
Ermler, Megan; Kirkpatrick, Ericka; Sun, Weina; Hai, Rong; Amanat, Fatima; Chromikova, Veronika; Palese, Peter; Krammer, Florian
Journal of Virology (2017doi
Identification of novel serotonin reuptake inhibitors targeting central and allosteric binding sites: A virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulations study
Erol, Ismail; Aksoydan, Busecan; Kantarcioglu, Isik; Salmas, Ramin E.; Durdagi, Serdar
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (2017doi
Extensive deamidation of RNase A inhibits its oligomerization through 3D domain swapping
Fagagnini, Andrea; Montioli, Riccardo; Caloiu, Andra; Ribó, Marc; Laurents, Douglas V.; Gotte, Giovanni
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) 1865 (1) (201776-87 doi
The 1,2,4-Triazolo[4,3-a]pyrazin-3-one as a Versatile Scaffold for the Design of Potent Adenosine Human Receptor Antagonists. Structural Investigations to Target the A2A Receptor Subtype
Falsini, Matteo; Squarcialupi, Lucia; Catarzi, Daniela; Varano, Flavia; Betti, Marco; Dal Ben, Diego; Marucci, Gabriella; Buccioni, Michela; Volpini, Rosaria; De Vita, Teresa; Cavalli, Andrea; Colotta, Vittoria
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Chiral Indolylarylsulfone Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors as New Potent and Broad Spectrum anti-HIV-1 Agents
Famiglini, Valeria; La Regina, Giuseppe; Coluccia, Antonio; Masci, Domiziana; Brancale, Andrea; Badia, Roger; Riveira Muñoz, Eva; Este, Jose A.; Crespan, Emmanuele; Brambilla, Alessandro; Maga, Giovanni; Catalano, Myriam; limatola, cristina; Formica, Francesca Romana Romana; Cirilli, Roberto; Novellino, Ettore; Silvestri, Romano
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Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology. 1. In Silico Prediction of Drug-Target Interaction of Natural Products to Enable of new Targeted Cancer Therapy
Fang, Jiansong; Wu, Zengrui; Cai, Chuipu; Wang, Qi; Tang, Yun; Cheng, Feixiong
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017doi
Design, synthesis and evaluation in an LPS rodent model of neuroinflammation of a novel 18F-labelled PET tracer targeting P2X7
Fantoni, Enrico Raffaele; Dal Ben, Diego; Falzoni, Simonetta; Di Virgilio, Francesco; Lovestone, Simon; Gee, Antony
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Molecular interactions and inhibition of the staphylococcal biofilm-forming protein SdrC
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Development of a Non-Hydroxamate Dual Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-7/-13 Inhibitor
Fischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
Molecules 22 (9) (2017doi
Polymer grafted-magnetic halloysite nanotube for controlled and sustained release of cationic drug
Fizir, Meriem; Dramou, Pierre; Zhang, Kai; Sun, Cheng; Pham-Huy, Chuong; He, Hua
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2017doi
Insensitivity to pain induced by a potent selective closed-state Nav1.7 inhibitor
Flinspach, M.; Xu, Q.; Piekarz, A. D.; Fellows, R.; Hagan, R.; Gibbs, A.; Liu, Y.; Neff, R. A.; Freedman, J.; Eckert, W. A.; Zhou, M.; Bonesteel, R.; Pennington, M. W.; Eddinger, K. A.; Yaksh, T. L.; Hunter, M.; Swanson, R. V.; Wickenden, A. D.
Scientific Reports 7 (201739662 doi
Synthesis, antiprotozoal activity, and chemoinformatic analysis of 2-(methylthio)-1H-benzimidazole-5-carboxamide derivatives: Identification of new selective giardicidal and trichomonicidal compounds
Flores-Carrillo, Paulina; Velázquez-López, José Miguel; Aguayo-Ortiz, Rodrigo; Hernández-Campos, Alicia; Trejo-Soto, Pedro Josué; Yépez-Mulia, Lilián; Castillo, Rafael
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Coumarins and adenosine receptors: new perceptions in structure-affinity relationships
Fonseca, André; Matos, Maria João; Vilar, Santiago; Kachler, Sonja; Klotz, Karl-Norbert; Uriarte, Eugenio; Borges, Fernanda
Chemical Biology & Drug Design (2017n/a-n/a doi
Topological and quantum molecular descriptors as effective tools for analyzing cytotoxic activity achieved by a series of (diselanediyldibenzene-4,1-diylnide)biscarbamate derivatives
Font, María; Plano, Daniel; Sanmartín, Carmen; Palop, Juan Antonio
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (2017)
Examining the Feasibility of Using Free Energy Perturbation (FEP+) in Predicting Protein Stability
Ford, Melissa Coates; Babaoglu, Kerim
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017doi
Performance of multiple docking and refinement methods in the pose prediction D3R prospective Grand Challenge 2016
Fradera, Xavier; Verras, Andreas; Hu, Yuan; Wang, Deping; Wang, Hongwu; Fells, James I.; Armacost, Kira A.; Crespo, Alejandro; Sherborne, Brad; Wang, Huijun; Peng, Zhengwei; Gao, Ying-Duo
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Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling of 1-oxa-4-thiaspiro- and 1,4-dithiaspiro[4.5]decane derivatives as potent and selective 5-HT1A receptor agonists
Franchini, Silvia; Manasieva, Leda Ivanova; Sorbi, Claudia; Battisti, Umberto M.; Fossa, Paola; Cichero, Elena; Denora, Nunzio; Iacobazzi, Rosa Maria; Cilia, Antonio; Pirona, Lorenza; Ronsisvalle, Simone; Aricò, Giuseppina; Brasili, Livio
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Computational prediction of the heterodimericand higher order structure of gpE1/gpE2 envelope glycoproteins encoded by the hepatitis C virus 
Freedman, Holly; Logan, Michael R.; Hockman, Darren; Koehler Leman, Julia; Lok Man Law, John; Houghton, Michael
Journal of Virology (2017doi
Benchmarking Commercial Conformer Ensemble Generators
Friedrich, Nils-Ole; de Bruyn Kops, Christina; Flachsenberg, Florian; Sommer, Kai; Rarey, Matthias; Kirchmair, Johannes
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017doi
Predicting the Metabolic Sites by Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase on Drug Molecules Using SVM Classification on Computed Quantum Mechanics and Circular Fingerprints Molecular Descriptors
Fu, Chien-wei; Lin, Thy-Hou
PLOS ONE 12 (1) (2017e0169910 doi
Crystal structure and DNA-binding property of the ATPase domain of bacterial mismatch repair endonuclease MutL from Aquifex aeolicus
Fukui, Kenji; Iino, Hitoshi; Baba, Seiki; Kumasaka, Takashi; Kuramitsu, Seiki; Yano, Takato
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) 1865 (9) (20171178-1187 doi
Identification of highly selective and potent orexin receptor 1 antagonists derived from a dual orexin receptor 1/2 antagonist based on the structural framework of pyrazoylethylbenzamide
Futamura, Aya; Nozawa, Dai; Araki, Yuko; Tamura, Yunoshin; Tokura, Seiken; Kawamoto, Hiroshi; Tokumaru, Yuichi; Kakihara, Sora; Aoki, Takeshi; Ohtake, Norikazu
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Identifying trends in hydration behavior for modifications to the hydrophobicity of poly(n-isopropylacrylamide)
Galbraith, Madeline L.; Madura, Jeffry D.
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (2017doi
VSPrep: A General KNIME Workflow for the Preparation of Molecules for Virtual Screening
Gally, José-Manuel; Bourg, Stéphane; Do, Quoc-Tuan; Aci-Sèche, Samia; Bonnet, Pascal
Molecular Informatics (2017n/a-n/a doi
Synthesis and biological evaluation of new natural phenolic 2E, 4E, 6E octatrienoic esters
Gandolfi, Raffaella; Contini, Alessandro; Pinto, Daniela; Marzani, Barbara; Pandini, Stefano; Nava, Donatella; Pini, Elena
Chemistry & Biodiversity (2017n/a-n/a doi
Monocyclic, Thieno, Pyrido, and Pyrrolo Pyrimidine Compounds and Methods of Use and Manufacture of the Same
Gangjee, Aleem (Allison Park, PA, US)
Are induced fit protein conformational changes caused by ligand-binding predictable? A molecular dynamics investigation
Gao, Cen; Desaphy, Jeremy; Vieth, Michal
Journal of Computational Chemistry (2017n/a-n/a doi
A novel water soluble multifunctional fluorescent probe for highly sensitive and ultrafast detection of anionic surfactants and wash free imaging of Gram-positive bacteria strains
Gao, Tang; Cao, Xiaozheng; Dong, Jie; Liu, Yi; Lv, Wuwu; Li, Chengmin; Feng, Xueping; Zeng, Wenbin
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A smart self-assembled organic nanoprobe for protein-specific detection: design, synthesis, application and mechanism studies
Gao, Tang; Yang, Shuqi; Cao, Xiaozheng; Dong, Jie; Zhao, Ning; Ge, Peng; Zeng, Wenbin; Cheng, Zhen
Analytical Chemistry (2017doi
Workflows and performances in the ranking prediction of 2016 D3R Grand Challenge 2: lessons learned from a collaborative effort
Gao, Ying-Duo; Hu, Yuan; Crespo, Alejandro; Wang, Deping; Armacost, Kira A.; Fells, James I.; Fradera, Xavier; Wang, Hongwu; Wang, Huijun; Sherborne, Brad; Verras, Andreas; Peng, Zhengwei
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (2017doi
Obacunone causes sustained expression of MKP-1 thus inactivating p38 MAPK to suppress pro-inflammatory mediators through intracellular MIF
Gao, Yuan; Hou, Rui; Liu, Fen; Liu, Haibo; Fei, Qiaoling; Han, Yixin; Cai, Runlan; Peng, Cheng; Qi, Yun
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Computational Approaches in the Development of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
Kandemirli, Fatma; Gaurav, Anand; Xing, Ming; Al-Nema, Mayasah
Exploring Adenosine Receptor Ligands: Potential Role in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
Geldenhuys, J. Werner; Hanif, Ahmad; Yun, June; Nayeem, A. Mohammed
Molecules 22 (6) (2017doi
A comparison of the inclusion behavior of human serum albumin and holo transferrin with fluoxymesterone in the presence of three different cyclodextrins
Ghaderabad, Maryam; Mansouri, Mahdieh; Beigoli, Sima; Rad, Atena Sharifi; Mehrzad, Jamshid; Saberi, Mohammad Reza; Chamani, Jamshidkhan
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (20171-18 doi
Peptides for targeting βB2-crystallin fibrils
Ghaffari Sharaf, Mehdi; Cetinel, Sibel; Semenchenko, Valentyna; Damji, Karim F.; Unsworth, Larry; Montemagno, Carlo
Experimental Eye Research (2017doi
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Structurally Simplified Noscapine Analogues as Microtubule Binding Agents
Ghaly, Peter E.; Churchill, Cassandra D. M.; Abou El-Magd, Rabab M.; Hajkova, Zuzana; Draber, Pavel; West, F. G.; Tuszynski, Jack A.
Canadian Journal of Chemistry (2017doi
Computer-aided discovery of antimicrobial agents as
Ghattas, Mohammad A; Eissa, Nermin A; Bardaweel, Sanaa K; Abu Mellal, Abdallah; Atatreh, Noor
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 16 (2017397-405
Antimicrobial and anticancer activity of some novel fluorinated thiourea derivatives carrying sulfonamide moieties: synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking
Ghorab, Mostafa M.; Alsaid, Mansour S.; El-Gaby, Mohamed S. A.; Elaasser, Mahmoud M.; Nissan, Yassin M.
Chemistry Central Journal 11 (1) (201732 doi
Synthesis, docking study and biological evaluation of some new thiourea derivatives bearing benzenesulfonamide moiety
Ghorab, Mostafa M.; El-Gaby, Mohamed S. A.; Soliman, Aiten M.; Alsaid, Mansour S.; Abdel-Aziz, Marwa M.; Elaasser, Mahmoud M.
Chemistry Central Journal 11 (1) (201742 doi
Anticancer and radio-sensitizing evaluation of some new sulfonamide derivatives bearing pyridone, thiophene, and hydrazone moieties
Ghorab, Mostafa M.; Ragab, Fatma A.; Heiba, Helmy I.; Soliman, Aiten M.
Research on Chemical Intermediates (20171-25 doi
Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and docking study of some novel 4-(4,4-dimethyl-2,6-dioxocyclohexylidene)methylamino derivatives carrying biologically active sulfonamide moiety
Ghorab, Mostafa M.; Soliman, Aiten M.; Alsaid, Mansour S.; Askar, Ahmed A.
Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2017doi
Insights on the interaction between transthyretin and Aβ in solution. A saturation transfer difference (STD) NMR analysis of the role of iododiflunisal
Gimeno, Ana; Santos, Luis M.; Alemi, Mobina; Rivas, Josep; Blasi, Daniel; Cotrina, Ellen Y.; Llop, Jordi; Valencia, Gregorio; Cardoso, Isabel; Quintana, Jordi R.; Arsequell, Gemma; Jimenez-Barbero, Jesus
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Methods in protein engineering and screening:  From rational design to directed evolution and beyond
Gollihar Jr., Jimmy Dale
 PhD Thesis, University of Texas at Austin (2017)
Prediction of Blood-to-Brain Barrier Partitioning of Drugs and Organic Compounds Using a QSPR Approach
Golmohammadi Hassan, Dashtbozorgi Zahra Khooshechin Sajad
Acta Phys Chim Sin 33 (6) (20171160-1170
Prediction of Blood-to-Brain Barrier Partitioning of Drugs and Organic Compounds Using a QSPR Approach
Golmohammadi, Hassan; Dashtbozorgi, Zahra; Khooshechin, Sajad
Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. 33 (20171-9 doi
Identification of Potential Small Molecule Binding Pockets in p38α MAP kinase
Gomez-Gutierrez, Patricia; Rubio-Martinez, Jaime; Perez, Juan Jesus
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017doi
In silico discovery of substituted pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines and pentamidine-like compounds with biological activity in myotonic dystrophy models
González, Àlex L.; Konieczny, Piotr; Llamusi, Beatriz; Delgado-Pinar, Estefanía; Borrell, José I.; Teixidó, Jordi; García-España, Enrique; Pérez-Alonso, Manuel; Estrada-Tejedor, Roger; Artero, Rubén
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Platform for Unified Molecular Analysis: PUMA
González-Medina, Mariana; Medina-Franco, Jose Luis
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Rational Design Of Selective Adenine-Based Scaffolds For Inactivation Of Bacterial Histidine Kinases
Goswami, Manibarsha; Wilke, Kaelyn E.; Carlson, Erin E.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Daptomycin, a last-resort antibiotic, binds ribosomal protein S19 in humans
Gotsbacher, Michael P.; Cho, Sungmin; Kwon, Ho Jeong; Karuso, Peter
Proteome Science 15 (1) (201716 doi
Structure of human promyeloperoxidase (proMPO) and the role of the propeptide for processing and maturation
Grishkovskaya, Irina; Paumann-Page, Martina; Tscheliessnig, Rupert; Stampler, Johanna; Hofbauer, Stefan; Soudi, Monika; Sevcnikar, Benjamin; Oostenbrink, Chris; Furtmüller, Paul G.; Djinović-Carugo, Kristina; Nauseef, William M.; Obinger, Christian
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Conformational Flexibility Differentiates Naturally Occurring Bet v 1 Isoforms
Grutsch, Sarina; Fuchs, E. Julian; Ahammer, Linda; Kamenik, S. Anna; Liedl, R. Klaus; Tollinger, Martin
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Expression, purification and characterization of human cytosolic sulfotransferase (SULT) 1C4
Guidry Amber, L.; Tibbs Zachary, E.; Runge-Morris, Melissa; Falany Charles, N.
Design, synthesis, in-silico and in-vitro evaluation of thiophene derivatives: A potent tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitor and anticancer activity
Gulipalli, Kali Charan; Bodige, Srinu; Ravula, Parameshwar; Endoori, Srinivas; Vanaja, G. R.; Sureshbabu, G.; Narendra Sharath Chandra, J. N.; Seelam, Nareshvarma
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2017doi
Substantial protection against MPTP-associated Parkinson's neurotoxicity in vitro and in vivo by anti-cancer agent SU4312 via activation of MEF2D and inhibition of MAO-B
Guo, Baojian; Hu, Shengquan; Zheng, Chengyou; Wang, Hongyu; Luo, Fangcheng; Li, Haitao; Cui, Wei; Yang, Xifei; Cui, Guozhen; Mak, Shinghung; Choi, Tony Chung-Lit; Ma, Edmond Dik-Lung; Wang, Yuqiang; Lee, Simon Ming Yuen; Zhang, Zaijun; Han, Yifan
Neuropharmacology (2017doi
Oral Immunization with a Multivalent Epitope-Based Vaccine, Based on NAP, Urease, HSP60, and HpaA, Provides Therapeutic Effect on H. pylori Infection in Mongolian gerbils
Guo, Le; Yang, Hua; Tang, Feng; Yin, Runting; Liu, Hongpeng; Gong, Xiaojuan; Wei, Jun; Zhang, Ying; Xu, Guangxian; Liu, Kunmei
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 7 (2017349 doi
Immunologic properties and therapeutic efficacy of a multivalent epitope-based vaccine against four Helicobacter pylori adhesins (urease, Lpp20, HpaA, and CagL) in Mongolian gerbils
Guo, Le; Yin, Runting; Xu, Guangxian; Gong, Xiaojuan; Chang, Zisong; Hong, Dantong; Liu, Hongpeng; Ding, Shuqin; Han, Xuebo; Li, Yuan; Tang, Feng; Liu, Kunmei
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Self-assembled nanosensor based on squaraine dye for specific recognition and detection of human serum albumin
Guo, Yanyan; Chen, Yiping; Zhu, Xiaochan; Pan, Zhizhen; Zhang, Xiangyu; Wang, Jian; Fu, Nanyan
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Searching for bioactive conformations of drug-like ligands with current force fields: how good are we?
Gürsoy, Oya; Smieško, Martin
Journal of Cheminformatics 9 (1) (201729 doi
Structure-Based Rational Design of Adenosine Receptor Ligands
Gutiérrez-de-Terán, Hugo; Sallander, Jessica; Sotelo, Eddy
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Curcumin alters the cytoskeleton and microtubule organization on trophozoites of Giardia lamblia
Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Filiberto; Palomo-Ligas, Lissethe; Hernández-Hernández, José Manuel; Pérez-Rangel, Armando; Aguayo-Ortiz, Rodrigo; Hernández-Campos, Alicia; Castillo, Rafael; González-Pozos, Sirenia; Cortés-Zárate, Rafael; Ramírez-Herrera, Mario Alberto; Mendoza-Magaña, María Luisa; Castillo-Romero, Araceli
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Computational prediction of new CYP17 inhibitors based on pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening and docking approach
Haidar, S.; Hartmann, R. W.
Die Pharmazie 72 (9) (2017529-536 doi
Development of Pharmacophore Model for Indeno[1,2-b]indoles as Human Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors and Database Mining
Haidar, Samer; Bouaziz, Zouhair; Marminon, Christelle; Laitinen, Tuomo; Poso, Antti; Le Borgne, Marc; Jose, Joachim
Pharmaceuticals 10 (1) (2017doi
MraY-antibiotic complex reveals details of tunicamycin mode of action
Hakulinen, Jonna K.; Hering, Jenny; Branden, Gisela; Chen, Hongming; Snijder, Arjan; Ek, Margareta; Johansson, Patrik
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Synthesis, biological activity and molecular modeling study of new Schiff bases incorporated with indole moiety
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Deletion of a 197-Amino-Acid Region in the N-Terminal Domain of Spike Protein Attenuates Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Piglets
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Cheminformatics Approaches in Modern Drug Discovery
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Design, Synthesis and Antibacterial Activities of New Azo-compounds: An Experimental and a Computational Approach
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Polymeric SpyCatcher scaffold enables bioconjugation in a ratio-controllable manner
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Fusion of a family 20 carbohydrate-binding module (CBM20) with cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase of Geobacillus sp. CHB1 improves catalytic efficiency
Jia, Xianbo; Guo, Yonghua; Lin, Xinjian; You, Minsheng; Lin, Chenqiang; Chen, Longjun; Chen, Jichen
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EBNA1-targeted probe for the imaging and growth inhibition of tumours associated with the Epstein–Barr virus
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Thermophilic Enzyme or Mesophilic Enzyme with Enhanced Thermostability: Can We Draw a Line?
Jing, Xiaomin; Evangelista Falcón, Wilfredo; Baudry, Jerome Yves; Serpersu, Engin H.
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A Combined Chemoinformatics Approach to Solvent Library Design using clusterSim and Multi-Dimensional Scaling
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Identification of a novel putative inhibitor of the Plasmodium falciparum purine nucleoside phosphorylase: exploring the purine salvage pathway to design new antimalarial drugs
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Studies of the relationship structure-musky smell with G Protein-Coupled
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Study of the Enzyme-Substrate by Molecular Modeling Interaction; Cases of the Disease of Cancer
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Selecting of a cytochrome P450cam SeSaM library with 3-Chloroindole and Endosulfan – Identification of mutants that Dehalogenate 3-Chloroindole
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P-gp and BCRP inhibition induced by some new 1,4-Dihydropyridine and Dihydropyrimidines
Kamrani, S. M. E.; Mosaffa, F.; Behravan, J.; Hadizadeh, F.
International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 13 (1) (201762-74 doi
Modifications of flexible nonyl chain and nucleobase head group of (+)-erythro-9-(2’s-hydroxy-3’s-nonyl)adenine [(+)-EHNA] as adenosine deaminase inhibitors
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Novel sulfonamide-containing 2-indolinones that selectively inhibit tumor-associated alpha carbonic anhydrases
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Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2017doi
Discovery of new indomethacin-based analogs with potentially selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition and observed diminishing to PGE2 activities
Kassab, Shaymaa E.; Khedr, Mohammed A.; Ali, Hamed I.; Abdalla, Mohamed M.
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Extensive Survey of Antibody Invariant Positions for Efficient Chemical Conjugation Using Expanded Genetic Codes
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Structural Investigation of Vesnarinone at the Pore Domains of Open and Open-Inactivated States of hERG1 K+ Channel
Kayık, Gülru; Tüzün, Nurcan Ş; Durdagi, Serdar
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Exploration of aroyl/heteroaroyl iminothiazolines featuring 2,4,5-trichlorophenyl moiety as a new class of potent, selective, and in-vitro efficacious glucosidase inhibitors
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Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Ligand Conjugates Incorporating Endoxifen-Combretastatin and Cyclofenil-Combretastatin Hybrid Scaffolds: Synthesis and Biochemical Evaluation
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Identification of Novel and Efficacious Chemical Compounds that Disturb Influenza A Virus Entry in vitro
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A novel mutation in homeobox DNA binding domain of HOXC13 gene underlies pure hair and nail ectodermal dysplasia (ECTD9) in a Pakistani family
Khan, Anwar Kamal; Muhammad, Noor; Aziz, Abdul; Khan, Sher Alam; Shah, Khadim; Nasir, Abdul; Khan, Muzammil Ahmad; Khan, Saadullah
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The in silico identification of small molecules for protein-protein interaction inhibition in AKAP-Lbc–RhoA signaling complex
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In-vitro antileishmanial potential of peptide drug hirudin
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Functional analysis of the ABCs of eye color in Helicoverpa armigera with CRISPR/Cas9-induced mutations
Khan, Sher Afzal; Reichelt, Michael; Heckel, David G.
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Anticancer screening of
Khan, Wajahat; Ashfaq, Usman Ali; Aslam, Sadia; Saif, Sidra; Aslam, Tehzeeb; Tusleem, Kishver; Maryam, Arooma; Tahir ul Qamar, Muhammad
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Design and Synthesis Pairing Between Xanthene and Tetrazole in Pentacyclic System Using Tetrachlorosilane with Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Validation
Khatab, Tamer K.; Mubarak, Ahmed Y.; Soliman, Hanan A.
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Design, synthesis, molecular docking and cytotoxicity evaluation
Khodair, Ahmed I.; Elbadawi, Mostafa M.; Elsaady, Mohammed T.; Abdellatif, Khaled R.A.
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 7 (9) (201758-68 doi
Synthesis of Some New 1(2H)-Phthalazinone Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities
Kilic, Burcu; Ozan Gulcan, Hayrettin; Yalcin, Mertcan; Aksakal, Fatma; Dimoglo, Anatoli; Fethi Sahin, Mustafa; Songul Dogruer, Deniz
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Aptabody-Aptatope Interactions in Aptablotting Assays
Kim, Yang-Hoon; Simranjeet, Singh Sekhon; Um, Hyun-Ju; Shin, Woo-Ri; Lee, Sang-Hee; Min, Jiho; Ahn, Ji-Young
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Structural and molecular docking studies of biologically active mercaptopyrimidine Schiff bases
Kirubavathy, S. Jone; Velmurugan, R.; Karvembu, R.; Bhuvanesh, N. S. P.; Enoch, Israel V. M. V.; Selvakumar, P. Mosae; Premnath, D.; Chitra, S.
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Development of photoaffinity derivatives of the antitumor macrolide aplyronine A, a PPI-inducer between actin and tubulin
Kita, Masaki; Yamagishi, Kota; Tsuchiya, Kota; Seguchi, Yu; Nakane, Hiroki; Kigoshi, Hideo
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Efficiency of different measures for defining the applicability domain of classification models
Klingspohn, Waldemar; Mathea, Miriam; ter Laak, Antonius; Heinrich, Nikolaus; Baumann, Knut
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A Dithiol Compound Binds to the Zinc Finger Protein TRAF6 and Suppresses its Ubiquitination
Koga, Ryoko; Radwan, Mohamed O.; Ejima, Tomohiko; Kanemaru, Yosuke; Tateishi, Hiroshi; Ali, Taha F. S.; Ciftci, Halil Ibrahim; Shibata, Yuri; Taguchi, Yuu; Inoue, Jun-ichiro; Otsuka, Masami; Fujita, Mikako
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2,3-Butandione 2-monoxime inhibits skeletal myosin II by accelerating ATP cleavage
Komatsu, Hideyuki; Koseki, Yuji; Kanno, Takeshi; Aoki, Shunsuke; Kodama, Takao
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2017doi
QSAR models for predicting the bioactivity of Polo-like Kinase 1 inhibitors
Kong, Yue; Yan, Aixia
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems (2017doi
Semi-synthetic vNAR libraries screened against therapeutic antibodies primarily deliver anti-idiotypic binders
Könning, Doreen; Rhiel, Laura; Empting, Martin; Grzeschik, Julius; Sellmann, Carolin; Schröter, Christian; Zielonka, Stefan; Dickgießer, Stephan; Pirzer, Thomas; Yanakieva, Desislava; Becker, Stefan; Kolmar, Harald
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Tetrahydro-2-furanyl-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione derivatives as novel antibacterial compounds against Mycobacterium
Koseki, Yuji; Kanetaka, Hironori; Tsunosaki, Joji; Munier-Lehmann, Helene; Aoki, Shunsuke
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Around the macrolide – Impact of 3D structure of macrocycles on lipophilicity and cellular accumulation
Koštrun, Sanja; Munic Kos, Vesna; Matanović Škugor, Maja; Palej Jakopović, Ivana; Malnar, Ivica; Dragojević, Snježana; Ralić, Jovica; Alihodžić, Sulejman
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Curated human hyperbilirubinemia data and the respective OATP1B1 and 1B3 inhibition predictions
Kotsampasakou, Eleni; Escher, Sylvia E.; Ecker, Gerhard F.
Data in Brief (2017doi
Linking organic anion transporting polypeptide 1B1 and 1B3 (OATP1B1 and OATP1B3) interaction profiles to hepatotoxicity
Kotsampasakou, Eleni; Escher, Sylvia E.; Ecker, Gerhard F.
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Predicting drug-induced liver injury: the importance of data curation
Kotsampasakou, Eleni; Montanari, Floriane; Ecker, Gerhard F.
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Deep-learning: investigating deep neural networks hyper-parameters and comparison of performance to shallow methods for modeling bioactivity data
Koutsoukas, Alexios; Monaghan, Keith J.; Li, Xiaoli; Huan, Jun
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Engineering of the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase system for benzyl maltol hydroxylation
Kozono, Iori; Mihara, Kousuke; Minagawa, Kazuyuki; Hibi, Makoto; Ogawa, Jun
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How Nothing Boosts Affinity: Hydrophobic Ligand Binding to the Virtually Vacated S1′ Pocket of Thermolysin
Krimmer, Stefan G.; Cramer, Jonathan; Schiebel, Johannes; Heine, Andreas; Klebe, Gerhard
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017doi
Inhibitory Activity of Iron Chelators ATA and DFO on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells and Phosphatases PTP1B and SHP2
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Chemoselective synthesis and biological evaluation of arylated 2-(Trifluoromethyl) quinolines as nucleotide pyrophosphatase (NPPs) inhibitors
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Thermodynamics of an aminoglycoside modifying enzyme with low substrate promiscuity: The aminoglycoside N3 acetyltransferase-VIa
Kumar, Prashasti; Serpersu, Engin H.
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics (2017n/a-n/a doi
Biopharmaceutical Informatics: supporting biologic drug development via molecular modelling and informatics
Kumar, Sandeep; Plotnikov, Nikolay V.; Rouse, Jason C.; Singh, Satish K.
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Identification of A New Class of Potent Cdc7 Inhibitors Designed by Putative Pharmacophore Model: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2,3-Dihydrothieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4(1H)-ones
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The Discovery of Benzoxazine Sulfonamide Inhibitors of NaV1.7: Tools that Bridge Efficacy and Target Engagement
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Development of a potent inhibitor of the Plasmodium proteasome with reduced mammalian toxicity
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Computer-Aided Drug Design Approaches to Study Key Therapeutic Targets in Alzheimer’s Disease
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Azacyclo-indoles and Phenolics from the Flowers of Juglans regia
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Study of Structure-Active Relationship for Inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase LEDGF/p75 Interaction by Machine Learning Methods
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Classification and Lineage Tracing of SH2 Domains Throughout Eukaryotes
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Rhodoterpenoids A‒C, Three New Rearranged Triterpenoids from Rhododendron latoucheae by HPLC‒MS‒SPE‒NMR
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Exploring the stability of ligand binding modes to proteins by molecular dynamics simulations
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Efficient removal and trace determination of chlorophenols from water by mixed hemi/ad-micelle ionic liquid-coated magnetic graphene oxide and adsorption mechanism
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Phillygenin attenuates inflammatory responses and influences glucose metabolic parameters by inhibiting Akt activity
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Liu, Yang; Cao, Zhaozhen; Zong, Wansong; Liu, Rutao
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Curcumin Activates AMPK Pathway and Regulates Lipid Metabolism in Rats Following Prolonged Clozapine Exposure
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Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of multifunctional tacrine-curcumin hybrids as new cholinesterase inhibitors with metal ions-chelating and neuroprotective property
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Chemical composition, antimicrobial and anti-quorum sensing activities of pummelo peel flavonoid extract
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Structural basis for the cooperative allosteric activation of the free fatty acid receptor GPR40
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Acteoside and Acyl-Migrated Acteoside, Compounds in Chinese Kudingcha Tea, Inhibit α-Amylase In Vitro
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Ursolic Acid, A Natural Nutraceutical Agent, Targets Caspase3 and Alleviates Inflammation-Associated Downstream Signal Transduction
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Spectroscopic characterization, thermal, antimicrobial and molecular docking studies on nano-size mixed ligand complexes based on sudan III azodye and 1,10-phenanthroline
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Octopus: a platform for the virtual high-throughput screening of a pool of compounds against a set of molecular targets
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β-Lactam analogues of combretastatin A-4 prevent metabolic inactivation by glucuronidation in chemoresistant HT-29 colon cancer cells
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Exploring potent ligand for proteins: insights from knowledge-based scoring functions and molecular interaction energies
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Structural Chemistry (2017doi
Computational Modeling of Gamma-Secretase Inhibitors as Anti-Alzheimer Agents
Roy, Kunal; Manoharan, Prabu; Ghoshal, Nanda
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Fragment-based virtual screening approach and molecular dynamics simulation studies for identification of BACE1 inhibitor leads
Manoharan, Prabu; Ghoshal, Nanda
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Characterization of the interaction of glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid with bovine serum albumin by spectrophotometric-gradient flow injection titration technique and molecular modeling simulations
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Antibody H3 Structure Prediction
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Peppermint and Its Functionality: A Review
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Vitamin D Affects Neuronal Peptides in Neurodegenerative Disease: Differences of V-D2 and V-D3 for Affinity to Amyloid-β and Scrapie Prion Protein In Vitro
Gowder, Sivakumar; Matsunaga, Yoichi; Suenaga, Midori; Takahashi, Hironobu; Furuta, Akiko
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Development of a New Structural Class of Broadly Acting HCV Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors Leading to the Discovery of MK-8876
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Mcmaster, Christopher (Halifax, CA)
Isatindigodiphindoside, an alkaloid glycoside with a new diphenylpropylindole skeleton from the root of Isatis indigotica
Meng, Ling-Jie; Guo, Qing-Lan; Zhu, Cheng-Gen; Xu, Cheng-Bo; Shi, Jian-Gong
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Indole alkaloid sulfonic acids from an aqueous extract of Isatis indigotica roots and their antiviral activity
Meng, Lingjie; Guo, Qinglan; Liu, Yufeng; Chen, Minghua; Li, Yuhuan; Jiang, Jiandong; Shi, Jiangong
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Correlation between calculated molecular descriptors of excipient amino acids and experimentally observed thermal stability of lysozyme
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Novel Bipharmacophoric Inhibitors of the Cholinesterases with Affinity to the Muscarinic Receptors M1 and M2
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Fluorocarbons Enhance Intracellular Delivery of Short
Metelev, Valeriy; Zhang, Surong; Zheng, Shaokuan; Kumar, Anand T N; Bogdanov Jr, Alexei
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Estimating Electron Density Support for Individual Atoms and Molecular Fragments in X-ray Structures
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Synthesis, alkaline phosphatase inhibition studies and molecular docking of novel derivatives of 4-quinolones
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Dissecting the Specificity of Adenosyl Sulfamate Inhibitors Targeting the Ubiquitin-Activating Enzyme
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Melatonin charge transfer complex with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone: Molecular structure, DFT studies, thermal analyses, evaluation of biological activity and utility for determination of melatonin in pure and dosage forms
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Synthesis, antitumor evaluation and molecular modeling study of
Mohameda, Ahmed AB; Badriab, Farid A; Maaroufa, Azza R; Abdel-Aziza, Naglaa I; ElSendunyc, Fardous; Abdel-Aziza, Alaa AM; Bayomia, Said M
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Energy Harvesting in Nanonetworks
Suzuki, Junichi; Nakano, Tadashi; Moore, Michael John; Mohrehkesh, Shahram; Weigle, Michele C.; Das, Sajal K.
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Mechanisms Responsible for ω-Pore Currents in Cav Calcium Channel Voltage-Sensing Domains
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Oligomeric State and Thermal Stability of Apo- and Holo- Human Ornithine δ-Aminotransferase
Montioli, Riccardo; Zamparelli, Carlotta; Borri Voltattorni, Carla; Cellini, Barbara
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Classification of Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Properties Using Machine Learning Method
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Gilteritinib, a FLT3/AXL inhibitor, shows antileukemic activity in mouse models of FLT3 mutated acute myeloid leukemia
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Using affinity capillary electrophoresis and computational models for binding studies of heparinoids with p-selectin and other proteins
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Molecular docking simulations and GRID-independent molecular descriptor (GRIND) analysis to probe stereoselective interactions of CYP3A4 inhibitors
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Identification of a heterozygous p.Gly568Val missense mutation in the TRPV3 gene in a Japanese patient with Olmsted syndrome: In silico analysis of TRPV3
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A Continuous Intestinal Absorption Model Based on the Convection-Diffusion Equation
Nagar, Swati; Korzekwa, Richard C.; Korzekwa, Ken
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Application of Computer Modeling to Drug Discovery: Case Study of PRK1 Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Drugs in Prostate Cancer Treatment
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An Interaction-Based Approach for Affinity Prediction between Antigen Peptide and Human Leucocyte Antigen Using COMBINE Analysis
Nakamura, Shinya; Ohmura, Rie; Nakanishi, Isao
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Computational Study on the Comparative
Nakamura, Shinya; Shimada, Kazuko; Tanabe, Genzoh; Muraoka, Osamu; Nakanishi, Isao
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Integrating Molecular Networking and Biological Assays To Target the Isolation of a Cytotoxic Cyclic Octapeptide, Samoamide A, from an American Samoan Marine Cyanobacterium
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Novel Insights into the Transport Mechanism of the human amino acid transporter LAT1 (SLC7A5). Probing critical residues for substrate translocation
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Potent inhibitors of human LAT1 (SLC7A5) transporter based on dithiazole and dithiazine compounds for development of anticancer drugs
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Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 activation and coevolution of its εPKC-mediated phosphorylation sites
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Broad-spectrum non-nucleoside inhibitors for caliciviruses
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Quinoliniumolate and 2H-1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives from the Stems of Paramignya trimera and Their α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities: In Vitro and in Silico Studies
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Unsaturated fatty acyl recognition by Frizzled receptors mediates dimerization upon Wnt ligand binding
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A review of quantitative structure-property relationships for the fate of ionizable organic chemicals in water matrices and identification of knowledge gaps
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High-accuracy modeling of antibody structures by a search for minimum-energy recombination of backbone fragments
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Experimental and In-Silico Investigation of Anti-Microbial Activity of 1-Chloro-2-Isocyanatoethane Derivatives of Thiomorpholine, Piperazine and Morpholine
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Palmitoylation of cysteine 415 of CB1 receptor affects ligand-stimulated internalization and selective interaction with membrane cholesterol and caveolin 1
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Cheminformatic characterization of natural products from Panama
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Design, facile synthesis and anthelmintic activity of new O-substituted 6-methoxybenzothiazole-2-carbamates. Part II[dagger]
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Structural and stereochemical elucidation of new hygrophorones from Hygrophorus abieticola (basidiomycetes)
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Diversity selection, screening and quantitative structure–activity relationships of osmolyte-like additive effects on the thermal stability of a monoclonal antibody
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Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of zerumbone pendant derivatives: Potent candidates for anti-diabetic and anti-proliferative activities
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The compound (3-{5-[(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)amino]-1,3,4-thiadiazolidin-2-yl}-5,8-methoxy-2H-chromen-2-one) inhibits the prion protein conversion from PrPC to PrPSc with lower IC50 in ScN2a cells
Pagadala, Nataraj S.; Bjorndahl, Trent C.; Joyce, Michael; Wishart, David S.; Syed, Khajamohiddin; Landi, Abdolamir
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Chemoselective fluorination and chemoinformatic analysis of griseofulvin: natural vs fluorinated fungal metabolites
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Mefloquine inhibits voltage dependent Nav1.4 channel by overlapping the local anaesthetic binding site
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Click Chemistry-Mediated Synthesis of Selective Melanocortin Receptor-4 Agonists
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QSAR modeling and in silico design of small-molecule inhibitors targeting the interaction between E3 ligase VHL and HIF-1 $$\alpha $$ α
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PxAPN5 serves as a functional receptor of Cry2Ab in Plutella xylostella (L.) and its binding domain analysis
Pan, Zhi-Zhen; Xu, Lian; Liu, Bo; Zhang, Jing; Chen, Zheng; Chen, Qing-Xi; Zhu, Yu-Jing
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The β1’-β2’ motif of the RNase H domain of HIV-1 RT is responsible for conferring open conformation to p66 subunit by displacing the connection domain from the polymerase cleft
Pandey, Ashutosh K.; Dixit, Updesh; Kholodovych, Vladyslav; Comollo, Thomas W.; Pandey, Virendra N.
Biochemistry (2017doi
A C-terminal Tail Region in the Rous Sarcoma Virus Integrase Provides High Plasticity of Functional Integrase Oligomerization during Intasome Assembly
Pandey, Krishan K.; Bera, Sibes; Shi, Ke; Aihara, Hideki; Grandgenett, Duane P.
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miRNases: Novel peptide-oligonucleotide bioconjugates that silence miR-21 in lymphosarcoma cells
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Payne, Mark S. (Wilmington, DE, US), Brun, Yefim (Wilmington, DE, US), Bott, Richard R. (Burlingame, CA, US)
Payne, Mark S. (WILMINGTON, DE, US), Brun, Yefim (WILMINGTON, DE, US), Bott, Richard R. (Burlingame, CA, US)
Plant organellar DNA primase-helicase synthesizes RNA primers for organellar DNA polymerases using a unique recognition sequence
Peralta-Castro, Antolin; Baruch-Torres, Noe; Brieba, Luis G
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Evaluation of Acridine Orange Derivatives as DNA-Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Auger Therapy: Influence of the Radionuclide and Distance to DNA
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Systematic investigation and molecular modelling of complexation between several groups of flavonoids and HP-β-cyclodextrins
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Molecular Switches of Allosteric Modulation of the Metabotropic Glutamate 2 Receptor
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Fuzzy clustering as rational partition method for QSAR
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Frizzled-5: a high affinity receptor for secreted frizzled-related protein-2 activation of nuclear factor of activated T-cells c3 signaling to promote angiogenesis
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Rational Design of Membrane-Pore-Forming Peptides
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Quantifying Risks of Asparagine Deamidation and Aspartate Isomerization in Biopharmaceuticals by Computing Reaction Free Energy Surfaces
Plotnikov, Nikolay V.; Singh, Satish Kumar; Rouse, Jason C.; Kumar, Sandeep
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Imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-8-amine core for the design of new adenosine receptor antagonists: Structural exploration to target the A3 and A2A subtypes
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Optimization of production conditions and 3D-structure modeling of novel antibacterial peptide of lantibiotic family
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Structural and functional characterization of the triticale (x Triticosecale Wittm.) phytocystatin TrcC-8 and its dimerization-dependent inhibitory activity
Prabucka, Beata; Mielecki, Marcin; Chojnacka, Magdalena; Bielawski, Wiesław; Czarnocki-Cieciura, Mariusz; Orzechowski, Sławomir
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A systematic evaluation of analogs and automated read-across prediction of estrogenicity: A case study using hindered phenols
Pradeep, Prachi; Mansouri, Kamel; Patlewicz, Grace; Judson, Richard
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Monomeric Polyglutamine Structures that Evolve into Fibrils
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L-type amino acid transporter 1 utilizing prodrugs: How to achieve effective brain delivery and low systemic exposure of drugs
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QSAR studies of the Bioactivity of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS3/4A Protease Inhibitors by Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) and Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Qin, Zijian; Wang, Maolin; Yan, Aixia
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of dihydropyrano-[2,3-c]pyrazoles as a new class of PPARγ partial agonists
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Molecular recognition of agonists and antagonists by the nucleotide-activated G protein-coupled P2Y2 receptor
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Facile synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking studies of novel substituted azole derivatives
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Design, synthesis and anticancer activity of new monastrol analogues bearing 1,3,4-oxadiazole moiety
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Lipophilicity estimation of statins as a decisive physicochemical parameter for their hepato-selectivity using reversed-phase thin layer chromatography
Rageh, Azza H.; Atia, Noha N.; Abdel-Rahman, Hamdy M.
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New pyridazinone-4-carboxamides as new cannabinoid receptor type-2 inverse agonists: Synthesis, pharmacological data and molecular docking
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Conserved Fever Pathways across Vertebrates: A Herpesvirus Expressed Decoy TNF-α Receptor Delays Behavioral Fever in Fish
Rakus, Krzysztof; Ronsmans, Maygane; Forlenza, Maria; Boutier, Maxime; Piazzon, M. Carla; Jazowiecka-Rakus, Joanna; Gatherer, Derek; Athanasiadis, Alekos; Farnir, Frédéric; Davison, Andrew J.; Boudinot, Pierre; Michiels, Thomas; Wiegertjes, Geert F.; Vanderplasschen, Alain
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Drug Discovery
Wei, Dong-Qing; Ma, Yilong; Cho, William C. S.; Xu, Qin; Zhou, Fengfeng; Ramakrishnan, Geetha
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Membrane cholesterol effect on the 5-HT2A receptor: Insights into the lipid-induced modulation of an antipsychotic drug target
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Ethyl phosphoramidates of acyclovir: design, synthesis, molecular docking (HN Protein), and evaluation of antiviral and antioxidant activities
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Tracking Binding Modes of 1,2,4-trisubstituted imidazolinone P38 MAP Kinase and ERK-2 Inhibitors
Rao, Shashidhar N.
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (2017doi
99mTc-hexoprenaline and 131I-dapoxetine: preparation, in silico modeling and biological evaluation as promising lung scintigraphy radiopharmaceuticals
Rashed, H. M.; Ibrahim, I. T.; Motaleb, M. A.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2017doi
Differential [small alpha]-amylase/[small alpha]-glucosidase inhibitory activities of plant-derived phenolic compounds: A virtual screening perspective for the treatment of obesity and diabetes
Rasouli, Hassan; Hosseini-Ghazvini, Seyed Mohammad-Bagher; Adibi, Hadi; khodarahmi, reza
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Sedative and muscle relaxant activities of diterpenoids from Phlomidoschema parviflorum
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Sedative-hypnotic-like effect and molecular docking of di-naphthodiospyrol from Diospyros lotus in an animal model
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of α-methyl-chalcone for anti-cervical cancer activity
Ren, Bing-zhao; Ablise, Mourboul; Yang, Xu-chao; Liao, Bo-er; Yang, Zheng
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Rennie, Paul (Richmond, CA), Tcherkassov, Artem (Vancouver, CA), Young, Robert N. (Burnaby, US), Andre, Christophe M. (Laissac, FR)
Topliss Batchwise Schemes Reviewed in the Era of Open Data Reveal Significant Differences between Enzymes and Membrane Receptors
Richter, Lars
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017doi
Predictive compound accumulation rules yield a broad-spectrum antibiotic
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Polymer type and molecular weight dictate the encapsulation efficiency and release of Quercetin from polymeric micelles
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Analysis of the binding sites of vitamin D 1α-hydroxylase (CYP27B1) and vitamin D 24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1) for the design of selective CYP24A1 inhibitors: homology modelling, molecular dynamics simulations and identification of key binding requirements
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Design, Synthesis and Structure−Activity Relationship Studies of Novel Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1 Agonists Bearing Amide Linker
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Design and Synthesis of Non-Peptide Mimetics Mapping the Immunodominant Myelin Basic Protein (MBP83–96) Epitope to Function as T-Cell Receptor Antagonists
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TREM2, Microglia, and Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Exonuclease processivity of archaeal replicative DNA polymerase in association with PCNA is expedited by mismatches in DNA
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A Proposal for a Structural Model of the Feline Calicivirus Protease Bound to the Substrate Peptide under Physiological Conditions
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Protein lysine methyltransferase SMYD3 is involved in tumorigenesis through regulation of HER2 homodimerization
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