CCG technology is used by research chemists, biologist and crystallographers at leading research and development institutions in the private, governmental and academic sectors to discover new therapeutics and a myriad of consumer goods and products.


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Chemical Computing Group has a 25+ year track record of scientific innovation, high engineering standards and a strong commitment to supporting research and teaching programs in hundreds of academic and government institutions worldwide.

CCG offers special discounts that allow non-profit academic and governmental institutions to have access to the same professional software used by top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Academic Research

MOE's comprehensive integrated platform and available source code provide access and flexibility to a wide range of scientific researchers in different fields. Researchers and students can take advantage of MOE's user-friendly, workflow-oriented applications to avoid the steep learning curves often associated with modular software.


A user-friendly graphical user interface and the comprehensive nature of MOE have allowed MOE to be successfully integrated into the curriculum of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacology departments around the world.


The Chemical Computing Group
Excellence Awards

The COMP CCG Excellence Awards recognize and encourage exceptional research conducted by graduate students in the field of computational chemistry.

Visit the ACS COMP division Awards page for more details on the award criteria and how to apply.

The Chemical Computing Group
Research Excellence Awards
in Medicinal Chemistry

The CCG Excellence Awards in Medicinal Chemistry recognize outstanding graduate student research and encourage the use of computational tools in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.

Visit the ACS MEDI division Awards page for more details on the award criteria and how to apply.