MOE Workshop Series

North America

March 13, 2016

Location: ACS Spring 2016 Meeting
San Diego Convention Center (Room 15B), 111 W Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA, 92101, United States
Note: Please note that registration for the ACS Spring 2016 Meeting is required in order to have access to the workshop.

This event has already passed.

 Advanced Structure-Based Drug Design
The course describes advanced SBDD workflows in drug discovery projects and encompasses a range of topics from phamacophore query generation to protein-ligand interaction fingerprints. More specifically, the course will cover the application of pharmacophores in the context of protein-ligand docking, scaffold replacement and R-group screening. A method for querying a 3D project database will also be presented along with the generation and analysis of protein- ligand interaction fingerprints (PLIF).

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Raul Alvarez
Senior Marketing Manager