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Structure-Based Drug Design
Computational Approaches for Optimizing the Developability of Biotherapeutics
Modeling Antibody-Antigen Complexes
Analyzing Antibody-Antigen Complexes
Structural Bioinformatics
Property Prediction and Protein Engineering
Antibody Modeling and Protein Engineering in MOE
Biologics: Protein Alignments, Modeling and Docking
Structure-Based Drug Design and Ligand Modification
Small Molecule Virtual Screening
New and Enhanced Features in MOE 2019.01
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UGM & Conference 2019, North America

June 25-28, 2019Montreal, Canada

Our annual scientific meeting is a 4-day event consisting of 2 days of workshops and 2 days of scientific presentations, as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize during our receptions and a conference dinner.

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UGM & Conference 2019, Europe

May 21-24, 2019Oxford, UK

Our annual scientific meeting is a 4-day event consisting of 2 days of workshops and 2 days of scientific presentations, as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize during our receptions and a conference dinner.

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Courses and Tutorials


Structure-Based Drug Design and Ligand Modification

 MOE 2018   molecular surfaces and maps - ligand interactions - conformational searching - ligand optimization - ligand selectivity - protein alignments and superposition

Advanced Structure-Based Design

 MOE 2018   pharmacophore modeling - docking - fragment-based design - scaffold replacement - R-group screening - project search - protein-ligand interaction fingerprints (PLIF)

Antibody Modeling and Protein Engineering in MOE

 MOE 2018   protein engineering - protein properties - developability - hot spot analysis - antibody modeling - humanization - molecular surfaces

Biologics: Protein Alignments, Modeling and Docking

 MOE 2018   alignments and superposition - loop and linker modeling - homology modeling - protein docking - solubility analysis - 2D hot spot mapping - protein ligand interaction fingerprints - QSAR modeling

Ligand-Based Drug Design and SAR Analysis

 MOE 2018   R-group profiles and analysis - MOEsaic - mmp analysis - descriptor calculations - conformational searching - molecular alignments - pharmacophore modeling and searching - diversity analysis

Cheminformatics and QSAR

 MOE 2018   MOE databases - calculated descriptors - fingerprints - QSAR modeling - binary QSAR - similarity searching - consensus modeling

Introduction to SVL

 MOE 2018   SVL - programming language - create scripts - customize MOE

MOE Project and Protein Family Modeling

 MOE 2018   MOE project - database management - specialized protein families - project data search - PLIF analysis


 PSILO 2017   macromolecular repository - display electron density - 3D query searching - pocket similarity - central repository - specialized protein databases

Peptide Modeling, Conformational Searching and Docking

 MOE 2018   structure preparation - non-natural amino acids - conformational searching - distance restraints - peptide-protein docking - protein-ligand interaction fingerprints

Protein Alignments and Homology Modeling

 MOE 2018   homology modeling - loop modeling - loop conformational searching - sequence alignments - structure superposition - multimer alignments and superpositions

Small Molecule Virtual Screening

 MOE 2018   virtual screening compound libraries - descriptor, property and activity filtering - pharmacophores - docking - compound design

X-Ray Crystallography and Solvent Analysis

 MOE 2018   structure preparation - sidechain rotamer exploration - electron density maps - solvent analysis with 3D-RISM



 MOE 2018   protonate 3D - ligand docking - pharmacophore query - ligand pose analysis - surfaces and maps

Homology Modeling of Proteins

 MOE 2018   homologous sequence search - sequence alignments - protein templates - homology modeling - protein geometry - homology model evaluation

Protein Design

 MOE 2018   hot spot analysis - identify mutation sites - optimize protein properties - predict affinity and stability - calculate protein properties

Scaffold Replacement

 MOE 2018   fragment tools - scaffold replacement - pharmacophore model - ligand properties

Structure-Based Drug Design

 MOE 2018   SBDD - structure preparation - SiteView - QuickPrep - 2D ligand interactions - surfaces and maps - molecule builder

3D Visualization and Making Pictures

 MOE 2018   protein and ligand preparation - active site visualization - 2D ligand interactions diagrams - molecular surfaces - rendering options

Domain Motif Searching in MOE

 MOE 2018   structural search - sequence independent search - domain motif - similar stuctural motif - nuclear receptor family

Flexible Alignment

 MOE 2018   building polysaccharides - oligosaccharides - carbohydrates - anomeric center - structure minimization


 MOE 2018   conformational search - loop sampling - tethered restraints - LowModeMD - shape descriptors

MedChem Transformations In-Cleft

 MOE 2018   molecular transformations - reactions - active site constraints - modification in the receptor pocket

Pharmacophore Query Editing and Searching

 MOE 2018   pharmacophores - extended hueckel theory - query editor - excluded volumes - pharmacophore search

Protein Alignment and Superposition

 MOE 2018   sequence alignments - structural superposition - sequence similarity - sequence identity

Protein Ligand Interaction Fingerprints (PLIF)

 MOE 2018   protein alignments - protein-ligand databases - PLIF - phamacophore query generator

QSAR: Modeling Experimental Data

 MOE 2018   QSAR - molecular descriptors - model validation - data analysis - plots

SD Pipelining Tools - How to Create a Fragment Database

 MOE 2018   SD pipeline tools - fragment database - scaffold replacement - data preparation - molecular conformations